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Loose Leaf Tea Tin

Loose Leaf Tea Tin

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Peerie Tea Loose Leaf Storage Container


This tea container prolongs the life of loose leaf tea by keeping it fresh, protected from the humidity and the light.

Beautifully custom-made from stainless steel with a double lid to maximise its airtightness. A warm gold finish gives a unique glow to the inner surface and will make your tea preparation experience even more royal. Stylish and minimalist, it is the perfect accessory for a transition to loose leaf tea drinking ! 


Holds about 30-80 gr of loose tea depending on the type of tea.



  • Product Info

    Material: stainless steel sheet

    Dimensions:  Diameter 85mm (3.3")Height 90mm (3.5")

    Cylindrical tea container made from stainless steel

    Designed to prolong the life of loose leaf tea

    Please wash before use

    Hand wash only

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