Peerie Tea Rebalancing Set

Peerie Tea Rebalancing Set


Peerie Tea Rebalancing Set is for anyone wanting a reset and start the new year with the best resolution : to take care of yourself. 


We have carefully selected 5 organic herbal blends and teas that we know will help you safe, physically and mentally healthy throughout the first months of 2021 :


1. Organic Green Rooibos

Origin : South Africa

Caffeine-free ☾

Main benefits : antioxidant boost


2. Organic Wildmountain Honeybush 

Origin : South Africa

Caffeine-free ☾

Main benefits : antioxidant boost


3. Organic Chamomile + Ginger

Origin : Egypt + Canada

Caffeine-free ☾

Main benefits : improves digestion, improves sleep, reduces nausea, reduces anxiety


4. Kick Ass : Organic Green Tea + Peppermint

Origin : Assam + USA

Contains caffeine ☼

Main benefits : improves digestion, increases fat burning, antioxidant boost


5. Organic Green Assam 

Origin : Assam

Contains caffeine ☼ 

Menefits : immunity-booster, increases fat burning, antioxidant boost


To make them easy to prepare, our Rebalancing Set also includes our signature individual loose-leaf tea infuser. 

Each tubes contains 8-10 grams net of teas (3 cups of tea).
You can also buy each tea in loose leaf tins. 

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