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Drop us a line if you have any special tea inquiry!


We are keen to work with partners who share our passion for tea. 

Become a Peerie Tea Stockist

We have served our blends and organic teas at restaurants and boutique shops in Hong Kong, and always happy to get involved in tea menu creation in Belgium for a richer and finer customer experience.

We believe that making boutique hotels, cafes, shops, yoga, beauty, and design studios part of our "farm to cup" cycle will make a difference in the way we buy and drink tea.

Luxurious & Personalised Gifts

Looking for a personalized gift with an ethical and sustainable message?

Seeking a beautiful yet functional, zero-waste, and caring gift?

We are here to provide a memorable gift to treasure, for special occasions like weddings, or for a corporate gesture.
We have the experience and expertise to help you to leave a memorable impression with taste. 



Our creative team will cater to your request and propose unique blends for whichever project you have in mind! 


How can we help you ? Feel free to fill the contact form :

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