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Yunnan Golden Needle

Yunnan Golden Needle

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This tea has been organically grown and handpicked at over 1,800 m, and as such is a real “high mountain” tea. This tea is grown in a very remote part of Yunnan Province in China called Jing Gu, which has some of China’s finest black tea gardens in the world. The ‘golden needles’ present in this tea signifies that it is made of newly sprouted tips, which is the most flavourful part. The tea is hand-roasted in a wok over a wood fire, which was how local slaves used to make tea for their emperors thousands of years ago. This tea has an aroma which is similar to coconut, cocoa beans and roasted sugar cane.

  • Ingredients

    Artisan Yunnan Golden Needle

  • How to drink

    Volume of Tea: 3 g of tea for every 150 ml.
    Brew Time: 3 - 4 mins
    Water Temp: 90 - 95 ºC

  • Origin

    Yunnan, China

  • Type

    Black Tea

    Contains Caffeine

  • Packaging

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Tins of 50 grams

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