Ancient Moonlight White Premium


This tea has been handpicked from ancient trees dating back 400 years. The teas are plucked and processed in an organic manner during the full-moon as it is believed that this method allows the tea to capture a unique energy. The production method for this tea is a closely guarded secret which only the tea masters know. It is only harvested from March to May and is in very limited quantities. This tea has a complex floral aroma which finishes with a sweet flavour of pit fruits and wildflower honey.

  • Ingredient

    Ancient Moonlight White Premium

  • How to Drink

    Volume of Tea: 3 g of tea for every 100 ml.
    Brew Time: 3 - 4 mins
    Water Temp: 70 ºC

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  • Packaging

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Tin of 30 grams