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An insight into the working conditions behind your cup of commercial tea.

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"In 2007, the UN Children's children fund, UNICEF, found that hunger, disease and child exploitation were a problem even on apparently successful plantations that sell tea to high-end customers.... the people (living on the tea estates) are among the most marginalised in India...They have fallen off the radar".

Most tea workers in tea gardens across India are paid absurdly low wages (as low as 11 HKD a day). This includes tea plantations that claim to be organic and certified as FairTrade. These low wages can lead to social unrest, slave labour and human trafficking.

At Peerie Tea, we work directly with tea plantations that offer good wages to their workers, and that have a welfare system in place that helps to provide money towards the worker's pension and health care. On top of this we offer a percentage of the buying price of the teas separately to these farms to help them increase the wages for their hired workers.

Our ethical policy helps to support and save lives in local rural communities in India.

We are part of a revolution.

Come join us.

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