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Since the creation of Peerie Tea, we've had several enquiries about tea bags. Tea bags are very convenient for teas on-the-go and coffee shops that don't necessarily have the space to store tea pots and tea cups.

However, we have been firm about not providing tea bags, and here is the reason why :

While the health and wellbeing benefits of tea are indisputable, it is necessary to understand that they only are apparent when it is correctly harvested, produced and brewed. One major parameter is the way tea is brewed. Sadly, most people are used to tea bags and this can honestly be compared to brewing used coffee grounds !

Indeed, most bagged teas available from the supermarket are mass produced and made using dust and fannings. This results in the tea having lost all of its qualities and tasting bitter when steeped. To disguise this, tea bags often have artificial aromas, coloring and preservatives. Not the ideal combination when you think of what tea can really offer !

Usually, tea bags are not compostable and are sold wrapped in multiple layers of plastic packaging. Many brands selling tea bags that are said compostable, however, we want to make loose leaf tea drinking a habit and a lifestyle, helping eliminating single use packaging, wether it is plastic, natural fibre etc.

Try buying loose leaf teas in reusable or recyclable containers, and brew them in one our beautiful reusable tea infusers, at the office or at home.

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