Our Tea Journey



A stroll in the streets of Hong Kong will easily make anyone understand that we live in a tea city. From old traditional tea shops to bubble tea and fruit tea stands, the offering is large. 

However, despite this overwhelming tea market, we still struggled to find natural, chemical-free and high-quality teas and blends. Most labels hide a giant production chain with little benefits to tea growers. We are surrounded by tea marketing but know so little about its origin and way it is grown and prepared.

At Peerie Tea, we focus on :

- Explaining where our teas are from

- Educating people about the tea process, from farm to cup

- Creating tea blends that are 100% natural and preservative/chemical free

- Bringing people joy and positivity  





We decided to make tea because it is a link from our generation to the previous and the next ones. 

More than a universal cultural symbol, it embodies respect to nature, humbleness and hard-work.

As kids, we were watching adults sip tea all day, then grew up into liking tea. Our taste for tea developed into a passion enriched by stories around tea and the aspiration to reconnect with its legacy. 

Involving each of our senses, tea crafting starts with a positive memory or mood that we wish to share. With the ingredients, we create a narrative, a story, that could crystallise a moment of the day.


We hope to take you on a beautiful journey, starting and ending with a cup of tea, 

providing you the right energy and comfort  anytime of the day.


Pete & Ketty

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