Organic Nantou Green

Organic Nantou Green


After the 1998 earthquake which stuck Nantou in Taiwan, the farmer, Yue, decided to strike a healthier coexistence between herself and the Earth. From this point onwards, she strove to only produce wild and organic teas. This Nantou tea is truly a unique high mountain green tea. The hand-picked leaves are processed with very low fermentation. This curly tea is exceptionally smooth and pure with slight nutty overtones.

  • Ingredients

    Nantou Green*

    *certified organic

  • Packaging

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Tin of 80 grams

  • Origin

    Nantou, Taiwan

  • Type

    Oolong Tea

    Contains Caffeine

  • How to drink

    Volume of Tea: 3 g of tea for every 150 ml.
    Brew Time: 1 - 2 mins
    Water Temp: 80 - 85 ºC

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