Our Wild blend has been designed to energize the body and keep it functioning at peak performance. Ginger and anise seed excite your immune system, whilst the mint works at removing causes of illness. Elderflower flushes out your system, and rosehip tops you up with fantastic dose of vitamin C. This light refreshing cup packs a protective punch to maintain your health by providing essential nutrients

  • Ingredients

    Mint*, Elderflower*, Rosehip*, Ginger*, Anise Star

    *certified organic

    This tea is caffeine-free.

  • How to Drink

    Volume of Tea: 3 g of tea for every 150 ml.
    Brew Time: 5 - 6 mins
    Water Temp: 95 ºC

  • Packaging

    Loose Leaf Tea

    Tin of 30 grams

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