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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I had was around 8 or 9 years old, as I hanging out at my dad's side grand parents' place. They used to own a shop selling groceries and deli in front of a primary, which my sister and all my cousins attended.

Throughout the day, my grand parents, aunt and uncles who worked at the shop would drink tea in tall glasses. Hot or cold, with black tea leaves still at the bottom. I loved the colour. So I asked my aunt, Linda, to try. It tasted quite bitter, but it wasn't unpleasant !

My taste for tea is constantly evolving as my knowledge of the whole culture around it widens. My dad, the most passionate about tea in the family, used to go to Beijing taste the finest teas. He made me do my first tea tasting, it was a phenomenal experience, and I was completely tea drunk after 2 hours of drinking tea !

Nowadays, he is still the master in the family, and only like very specific, refined teas from China and Taiwan. So whenever we launch a new tea, I always ask myself what would he think, and if he would like it.

I would have like to place a photo of my dad drinking tea but haven't got any ... yet :)

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